Philips Eco Friendly Paper Ganesh


  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Material: Paper Mache (Paper & Clay Mix)
  • Finish: Non Toxic Color Coated
  • Features: Eco Friendly, Can do Visarjan at Home, Comfortable Handling, Very Lightweight
  • Please note: Every idol is hand painted and may have slight difference from photograph shown.

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We, at MY ECO GANESH, are committed to save the environment, rivers and sea beds by providing artistically designed idols of Ganesha which are eco friendly in nature. The colors used are also non toxic. We invest the best efforts to provide the widest range of least priced eco-friendly Ganapati idols / Ganesh to add more colors to mother earths spirits and your festive enthusiasms together.


Eco Friendly Ganesha

The idols we make are eco friendly as they are made out of clay (river mud), red soil or paper mache which dissolves in water in hours and also allows home visarjan of idols.



Clay Idols

These are idols made of clay which is river mud comes in grey color. Easily dissolves in water and can be used in plants to certain extent. The colors used over the idols are also chemical free non toxic colors.


Paper Mache Idols

As per high demands and for the lightness we have a range of eco friendly paper mache Ganesha idols made out of clay and paper mache. As clay idols above 2 feet become very heavy to lift and maintain, paper mache is great alternative. We have a range of paper idols between 2 feet to 3 feet. Like clay these too dissolves in water in hours.



Plant Ganesha

Plant ganesha is made out of red soil. The soil itself is part of mother nature and once the visrajan is done if at home the soil can be used in plants hence the name plant ganesha.


Eco Friendly Makhar Decoration

We are also making available Eco friendly Ganesha decorations made of paper and cardboard top of it they are reusable.


Fairly Priced

We feel everyone wants to support the environment but it comes at a price sometimes. Hence to make sure everyone is able go eco friendly and spread the awareness to more and more people we have maintained our prices very minimal. Our prices are as good as pop idols, for you to choose eco friendly this year.

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14 inches

Dhoti/Pitambar Color

Haldi, Light Green, Orange, Whole Grey, Yellow