Mayur Background Makhar – Design 2



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Quick description

  1. 100% Eco friendly makhar
  2. Usable for 3-4 years
  3. Foldable in nature
  4. Can be colored or spray painted
  5. Water resistant 100%
  6. Can be recycled easily
  7. Durable: can take upto 20-30 kgs
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    • My Eco Ganesh introducing 100% eco friendly makhars for everyone to support our eco friendly mission
    • The Eco Makhar are made of PVC material which has no thermocol or plastic used
    • The Eco Makhar can be used for at least 3 to 4 years without any issue if stored in a dry place properly
    • Ganesh decoration at its best with 10 different designs available including 3 different sizes too
    • It weighs over 1kg to 2kg as per the size
    • These ganesh makhars are completely foldable and will not occupy much space to store
    • Available in 1 feet, 2 feet and 3 feets in all these design options
    • Can be delivered PAN India
    • It’s highly durable and can take upto heavy Ganesh idols very easy having 6mm thickness
    • For enthusiasts it can also be spray painted or colored easily better than thermocol
    • It is completely recycled and can be used for several purposes


    Ganpati Makhar Approx Dimensions:

    • Length : 16″
    • Width : 13″
    • Height : 3 Sizes available



    • 1 Feet : 1kg
    • 2 Feet : 1.6kg
    • 2.5 Feet : 2.1kg 

    Things to consider:

    • Please so not por or spoil excessive water on it
    • Do care while using fire / incense sticks etc. alongside Eco Makhar


    Additional Information

    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 25 x 18 x 1.5 in


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