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“We, at MY ECO GANESH, are committed to save the environment, rivers and sea by providing artistically designed clay idols of Ganesh also known as Ganapati & Eco Friendly Decoration.

We will invest the best efforts to provide the widest range of least priced eco-friendly Ganapati idols / Ganesh clay idols to add more colors to your spirits and enthusiasms.

Eco Friendly Makhar Decorations: We are also making available Eco friendly Ganesha decorations made of paper and cardboard top of it they are reusable Eco Friendly Festival Colors: As an add on to all of it to enjoy the festival to the fullest use our eco friendly colors which 100% safe and chemical free”

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People prefer to book their Bapps’s from My Eco Ganesh

100% Natural

<p style="">Our Ganesh Idols are made of natural clay (shadu), red soil (mitti) & paper mache</p>

Eco Colors

<p style="">Colors used on the idols are also non toxic and are not harmful to fishes in water</p>

Home Delivered

<p style="">We deliver the idol directly to your place with best safety measures and intact</p>


<p style="">All our idols easily dissolve in water which can be used for plants & soil for crafts</p>

Attractive Idols

<p style="">We put a lot of efforts in making these idols and each of them is hand made</p>

Online Booking

<p style="">As we provide wide range of idols you get a chance to choose and book online</p>
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