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What is Dealership?

As a dealer you can purchase variety of idols from My Eco Ganesh and sell them at your own place anywhere in India or abroad. The dealer enjoys best prices and can ear good profits compared to associates or affiliates.

Dealership Benefits
  1. Can use My Eco Ganesh’s brand name (optional)
  2. Enjoy the best price more than 50% less compared to MRP
  3. Sell large amount of idols locally or online
  4. Maintain own customer base in different cities
  5. Can maintain idols stock from multiple manufacturers
  6. Exporters who wish to sell overseas can avail our packing service
Suitable For
  1. Exporters around globe
  2. Established Eco Bappa sellers
  3. Local shops who wants to sell idols
  4. Similar business owners advantage
  5. Online and offline sellers
  6. Environmental brands with larger audiences
  1. Minimum quantity of 50 idols
  2. Shipping changes from our workshop to be paid
  3. Delivery should be handled on their own
  4. Once delivered we cannot take back the idols