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Are you planning to take a step towards a greener environment this festive season? You can procure the shadu mati ganesh murti online or get it from the local shops. Then you should check out our eco-friendly Ganesh idols that are made up of 100% natural products. So, as you surf through our collections, let’s talk about one of the most used products in the making of these idols. The Shadu Mati, also known as the Green Ganesh Mati, is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a pollution-free eco-friendly Ganesh idol. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few insights about Shadu Mati that will help you clear ambiguities if any!

What is Shadu Mati?

Shadu Mati Ganesh Murti Online
Shadu Mati Ganesh Murti Online

Shadu Mati is a type of clay that is commonly used to make eco-friendly Ganesh idols. It is environment-friendly and has a low carbon footprint. Shadu Mati has recommendable sculpting abilities and its resilience to heat, and water makes it an ideal material for crafting Ganesh idols. This makes shadu Mati perfect for creating long-lasting Ganesh idols with beautiful designs. The clay is soft and easy to shape, allowing artisans to craft intricate details in their idols. Additionally, the colour of the clay ranges from light yellow to dark brown, making it easy to find an aesthetically pleasing shade.


Where does Shadu Mati come from?

It is a natural clay extracted from the riverbeds of Gujurat and the Konkan region and has been traditionally used for centuries to create Hindu religious icons.


What is the cost of Shadu Mati?

The environment-friendly clay costs somewhere between Rs. 290 – 300 per Kg and is easily available in local shops as well as online.


What is Shadu clay made of?

Shadu Mati Ganesh Murti Online
Shadu Mati Ganesh Murti Online

Shadu clay or Mati is a type of clay used in traditional Indian sculptures. Shadu Mati is made of a mixture of fine-grained clay and sand, with the addition of other substances such as marble dust, mica, glass powder and quartz. The mixture of these different clays gives the material its unique properties, such as a high level of thermal stability, a low melting point, and a low shrinkage rate. The proportions of the ingredients used depend on the region and the type of sculpture that is being crafted. Shadu clay is very malleable and is perfect for crafting intricate Ganesh idols or murtis.

The idols made from shadu clay are more durable than those made from other clays, making them popular for use in outdoor installations and decorations. You can find ready-made Shadu Mati Ganesh murti online for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this traditional art form without having to learn how to make the sculpture themselves.


Can we buy Shadu Mati Ganesh murti online?

Yes. Your eco-friendly Ganpati Bappa is now just a click away. Check out the Shadu Mati Ganesh murti online along with many other varieties of eco-friendly Ganesh idols on www.myecoganesh.com. We arrange deliveries in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi.


Benefits of Shadu Mati

The use of shadu Mati has several benefits, as it is more environment-friendly than other materials such as Plaster of Paris (POP) or artificial colours.

  • Shadu Mati is made of soil and contains other natural elements like cow dung, which helps to conserve water and promotes biodegradability.
  • Shadu Mati Ganesh murti is one of the most cost-effective options for buying eco-friendly Ganesh idols. These idols have a unique and traditional look and are often decorated with flowers, paints, and stones. The Shadu Mati Ganesh idols are light in weight and can be safely carried from place to place without much hassle.
  • Shadu Mati Ganesh murtis also help to reduce the consumption of non-biodegradable materials like plastics. Furthermore, these idols are free from harmful chemicals, and are non-toxic and safe for use in water bodies.


Is Shadu Mati good for plants?

Absolutely! Shadu Mati is one of the most natural and eco-friendly materials that you will find in creating a Ganesh murti. Shadu Mati is completely safe for plants as it is biodegradable and non-toxic. It dissolves into the soil and adds minerals and nutrients to the ground, helping to enrich it and promote plant growth.

The use of these idols is a great way to celebrate festivals while protecting our environment. Moreover, the easy availability of eco-friendly Ganesh idols encourages every devotee to become a part of the Go-green mission. Let’s join the global movement together with the assurance of respecting every ritual of our sacred festival!

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