Eco friendly ganesh murti or not? Use these 5 important tips

eco friendly ganesh murti

With the awareness of climate change and the need to protect our environment, people are increasingly looking for eco friendly Ganesh murti. In this blog post, we will be discussing the various aspects of an eco friendly Ganesh murti and what to look out for before you make your purchase. With the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival, there is a growing awareness of eco-friendly Ganesh murtis. The tradition of bringing home an idol of Lord Ganesh to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has been around for centuries. 

What is an eco friendly Ganesh Murti?

eco friendly ganesh murtiAn eco-friendly Ganesh murti is a traditional Hindu deity statue made from natural and sustainable materials. The materials used to create these statues include clay, paper mache, red soil and wood, which are all biodegradable and reusable. They are also free of harsh chemicals, paints, and dyes which makes them completely safe for the environment. The idea behind an eco friendly ganesh murti is that it helps preserve the environment by reducing the amount of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. These eco-friendly murtis are also slightly heavier than traditional pop Ganesh murtis.

Why should you buy an eco-friendly Ganesh murti?

The main motive behind bringing Lord Ganesh Murti is to bring positive energy into homes. Then why use harmful materials when you can attain them with natural resources? The eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made from natural and sustainable materials that are better for the environment. Moreover, an eco-friendly Ganesh idol is safer for your home and family. Many of the materials used to make them are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and free of chemicals or toxins. This makes them safe for you and your family to be around. Finally, eco-friendly Ganesh murtis are often handcrafted and unique. You can find many unique designs and styles that will add a unique touch to your festival.

What materials are used to make an eco-friendly Ganesh murti?

When choosing a Ganesh murti, it’s important to consider the materials that it is made from. An eco-friendly Ganesh murti is typically made from natural materials such as clay, soil, wood, stone, brass, or even paper  mache.

Clay and soil are some of the most popular materials used to make an eco-friendly Ganesh murti. Clay is often used to create a beautiful and unique shape for the murti. Wood is a durable material that is perfect for a long-lasting Ganesh murti. Stone can also be used to create a very sturdy and hardy Ganesh murti that will last for years. Brass is also a popular material for creating a Ganesh murti, although it is more expensive than clay or wood. Paper Mache can also be used to create a lightweight and delicate Ganesh murti that can be hung up in any room.

Eco-friendly Ganesh murtis are usually painted with natural dyes and sealants to protect them from the elements and enhance their beauty. These materials are also non-toxic and safe for use in homes. No matter what material you choose for your eco-friendly Ganesha, it’s important to make sure that it is certified and tested to ensure that it is safe for use in your home. With the right materials, you can have an eco-friendly Ganesh idol that is beautiful and long-lasting.

How long does an eco friendly Ganesh murti last?

eco friendly ganesh murtiAn eco-friendly Ganesh murti can last for a long time, if proper care and maintenance is done at regular intervals. Depending on the materials used, they can typically last up to 10 years or more. Some of the most used materials for eco-friendly Ganesh murti include terracotta clay, natural stone, recycled paper Mache, wood, or a combination of these materials. Each material provides its own unique characteristics and benefits.

The terracotta clay Ganesh murti is weather resistant and long-lasting. The natural stone Ganesh murti is durable and can last for many years. Wood is also a popular choice for eco-friendly Ganesh murti, as it is very strong and long-lasting. Finally, the recycled paper mache Ganesh murti is lightweight and easy to transport, but still durable enough to last several years.

Regardless of the type of Ganesh murti you choose, it's important to take proper care and maintenance of your eco-friendly Ganesh murti. This includes cleaning it regularly and making sure that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. With proper care and maintenance, your eco-friendly Ganesh murti can last for many years to come.

The traditional Ganesh murti has been around for centuries and is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. An eco-friendly Ganesh murti carries the same symbolism but in a more environmentally conscious way. An eco-friendly Ganesh murti is a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Hindu holidays and festivals while caring for the planet.

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